Urban orienteering in Moscow

Moscow is the 3rd Rome, isn’t it?

When have you recently walked around our beautiful city, without rush, not in for shopping, not into the cinema, not on business? When have you recently had a look around the street, not looking for street nameplates or sale advertisings? Just enjoyed a marvelous house and interesting side-street, a funny monument or rare windows?

Can you really feel it, historic heart of Moscow?

Welcome to the mysterious city!

The city tour will turn into a fascinating adventure and will include as well detective investigation!

Orienteering options:

  • Several hours till several days.
  • As a kind of competition or a general adventure for the teams to achieve their common goal.
  • Day\night format.
  • By foot, on bikes, cars or other means of transport.
  • Extreme adventure or a more quit and intellectual happening.

It all depends on your imagination and we’ll be glad to implement it!

See you on Moscow streets!

Similar programs have been implemented in:

  • Croatia (Istrian peninsula)
  • Montenegro (Budva)
  • Istanbul
  • Venice
  • Suzdal
  • Kiev
  • Saint-Petersburg

Till 2020 we act in within the bounds of the Earth planet only!