Promotional activities and motivation programs

«I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand», first theorist of event-marketing philosopher Confucius said in 450 b. c., when books made a fortune and new information was worth its weight in gold. Nowadays when the market is oversaturated, not only stories about «bread», but also any «bread and circuses» are outdated. Actions, engagement, experience, emotions and of course results are of value.

Team Systems creates Events that let the target group get a feel of your brand, i. e. hear it, see it, touch it, smell it. Whatever the event concept is — exhibition or test-drive, gala opening or presentation — emotional branding is always your best advantage.

We successfully implement both events, aimed at engagement of end consumer and mass media, and motivation programs for dealers and employees, partners and colleagues, aimed at increase at sales or familiarity with new products and services.

Unexpected solutions for successful promotion!

  • Grand opening of shopping centers and car showrooms;
  • Test-drive of cars, motorcycles, yachts and other machines;
  • Presentations and demonstrations;
  • Sales representatives motivation programs;
  • Bonus and prize programs.