Corporate events and festivals organizing

Proper rest of your colleagues and partners is only worth when it’s completely repaid. We do not organize weddings, birthdays and funeral feast. Team Systems’ profile is corporate events and corporate festivals only.

  • These festivals unite participants;
  • Organized festivals that don’t admit any excess or force majeure;
  • These festivals will stay in your mind as most energetic, in friendly atmosphere and will not be regarded as given, but as a real Event.

Team Systems corporate events are not only striking, but also efficient, they solve a wide range of tasks, connected with personnel and image policy, i. e. in order to implement and support corporate values and team spirit. These are the real HR-events.

Team Systems keeps the festival atmosphere and solves these tasks professionally, softly and with attention to the concept. Wonderful, funny, creative, tasty, professionally, safe, striking — here’s the feedback on our corporate events.

«Guys, you are the best!» — this is what we want to hear from you, when your Team Systems corporate festival or holiday ends.

Corporate New Year, Fatherland defender’s day, 8th of March, Maslenitsa festival, barbecue in the countryside, Company’s birthday, professional holidays, corporate family days — all these events were many times implemented by Team Systems.

We offer a complete list of services for organizing and carrying out corporate events:

  • working-out event’s scenaario;
  • selecting a site for event;
  • transport and logistics;
  • organizing corporate events with animators, masters of ceremonies, showmen and DJs;
  • equipping the site with everything you need — beginning with audio gears and visual systems, up to awnings and toilettes;
  • catering service;
  • decorating the site with balloons and events design.

Team Systems corporate events provide you with a wonderful possibility to demonstrate the corporate culture and other values of your company. One should remember that a successful deal and other occasions can be a wonderful reason for having an event organized.

Team Systems will help you to solve other questions, connected with nonfinancial motivation of clients, partners and employees of your Company. We are eager to work-out individual intensive programs for your employees and partners, and we have the honour to offer the top-management only exclusive kinds of rest.