Adventure and sports programs

It’s a proven fact that a shared experience unites its participants much stronger than many years of teamwork in the office.

An adventure helps you not only to unite people but also to play and to consolidate the role of each participant. An adventure turns the group of like-minded people into single entity, into the team with at least one common victory. An adventure, that is given to your partners as a present, can become the most remarkable surprise for them.

Team Systems will provide you with everything to overcome most spectacular and impassable barriers that can be created by nature or human fantasy. We are glad to offer you ready-made programs in Russia and abroad. We’ll make a reality out of your dreams — beginning with idea and reconnaissance till preparing, equipping and carrying out your event.

Team Systems has also a variety of sports programs: corporate competitions, classic sports contests, curling, karting, cycle racing, cross-country and alpine skiing, shooting, sports orienteering, corporate motor rally and corporate touristic gathering.

Travelling — Advetures — Teambuilding — Sport — Corporate pure adrenaline injections:-)

In Team Systems sports and adventure programs collection you’ll find the most suitable and affordable event that is extremely enough for you, corresponds to your specific tasks and location and timing requirements.

We organize beginning-to-end:
  • Teambuilding training as a role game, provide it with scenario and decorations that will transcend you in another time and place, into the world of your favorite books and cinemas.
  • Kind of extreme corporate teambuilding, exposure into discomfort zone, among other things «Lost»-like teambuilding on exotic desolate isles.
  • Teambuilding with linear intellectual plot, including classic detective investigations, an exciting treasure search and European a la mode urban orienteering.
  • Sports corporate events with a bright concept and non-standard contests, preparing race tracks and sites, inviting professional referees, equipping and decorating your event.

Organizing corporate events is adventure that doesn’t allow additional adventures that may happen «suddenly». You can be sure that any adventurous teambuilding as any other teambuilding by Team Systems will be well thought over and will be implemented faultlessly!