Legal entity and «Team Systems» brand were founded in 2003, namely on 26th of October, 2003 we implemented our first project that set up an interesting and long story. On this day we celebrate our main corporate festival — Company’s Birthday.

Main goal of the founders was to create a training company, which possesses a powerful brain capital and a considerable facilities and equipment base. A company that offers only high-quality expert services in training and development of personnel.

Their stake on high-quality product proved to be right — large Russian and foreign companies gave their preference to Team System as a partner. That’s why Team Systems, lead by large clients’ requests, has extended a range of services and the events geography. New business directions came into existence, such as «Country-Catering» service, photographic and video studio, design and decoration department. Several property items were taken under management in order to carry out corporate events in Moscow region. In two years Team Systems has achieved evident results on the market. Since 2005 the company has been growing visibly.

Team Systems freelance school was opened in 2005, and every year it trains freelance employees in March-May period.

 2006 ãîäó îòêðûò ôèëèàë «ÒÈÌ ÑÈÑÒÅÌÑ ÓÊÐÀÈÍÀ», ÷òî çàïóñêàåò âîëíó êîìàíäîîáðàçîâàíèÿ â Êèåâå, Êèåâñêîé îáëàñòè è Êðûìó.

«Team Systems — Ukraine» branch office was launched in 2006, that caused a great number of teambuilding events in Kiev, Kiev region and Crimea.

In 2007 Company is restructuring, business units are separated, that allows Team Systems to meet the requirements of a greater number of Clients.

In 2008 recession was on the market, but it strengthened company’s positions due to loyal customers, who considered Team Systems to be an important part of the efficient performance even in hard times.

In 2009 and 2010 Company gathers peace by creating new programs, tailored for clients’ requirements and by developing its training branch. 16 oversea projects were carried out at that period and it considerably extended Team Systems geography.

In 2011 Team Systems emphasizes new direction in teambuilding by announcing this year The Year of Urban and Historic Orienteering.

Our story is being written right now

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